Carpet Cleaning

Depending on your facility and type of soil SERVICE FIRST has the equipment, chemicals and expertise to clean you carpets right. We are professionals and will always treat your carpets and work environment with the utmost care.

Hot Water Extraction:

Our truck mounted and portable hot water extraction equipment and methods are second to none. The equipment we utilize offers the ability to maximize heat, pressure and vacuum recovery. Three important components necessary to remove the tough soils.

Rotary Scrub And Extraction:

When the carpets are very dirty, we utilize a two step method of machine scrubbing followed by hot water extracting high traffic areas. This service insures that these areas are as clean as possible.

Dry Foam Encapsulating Shampoo:

This method of carpet cleaning is very effective as "interim" carpet maintenance. The results rival the carpet appearance attained from other methods of carpet cleaning. This particular foam encapsulates the soils, adds stain resistance and drys very quickly.

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