Industrial Cleaning

Our staff focuses on the removal of all loose overhead soils that accumulate on horizontal and vertical ceiling related surfaces. In addition to the major roof components such as beam supports and trusses, we also completely clean Sprinkler piping, Electrical conduits, HVAC ductwork, Tops of light fixtures, etc.

These projects were all accomplished safely and without any production disruptions to our clients.

SERVICE FIRST has completed many cleaning factory overheads projects throughout New England. This service will remove dust and debris that could fall and contaminate work areas below.

SERVICE FIRST never subcontracts. Our service is conducted solely by our trained and professional staff.  We utilize HEPA filtrated vacuum equipment to collect even the smallest particles.

SERVICE FIRST utilizes RUWAC. The model FRV-110 explosion/static proof vacuum equipment safely complies with both OSHA and NFPA 68 standards.

We can handle the high work!

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